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WS 330
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The revolutionary aerodynamic grain processing technology has many unique capabilities

Each year, in the U.S., a variety of pests and diseases attack corn, wheat, soybeans and other food crops. The problem is that often these factors are spread through the seed supply chain by insects and fungi that can be found in cereal grains.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to detect the infection until after the harvest has begun because of how widespread these problems are. That's where our machines come in. The all new aerodynamic design of our machines is a radical redesign from the centuries old screen machines. The jet stream of air and aerodynamic principles will automatically separate grain from undesirables with a higher yield success rate than ever before! 

Our multi-purpose machines are capable of processing a wide range of material: Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, Oats, Rape, Rye, Barley, Peas, Maize, Lucerne, Poppy, and all kinds of other grain.

Cleaning, sorting, and grading all types of grain

Prepare uniform seeds for better yields up to 30% or more

High production capacity from 200 to 8000 b/h

Machines will pay for themselves quickly, by adding value to your crop, sometimes after only several hours of use

Separate grain mixtures from multi-species intercropping

Remove thins, cracks, splits, wild oats, weed seeds, chaff, stems, and other trash

Revolutionary Grain Cleaning Equipment for sale

Since its introduction in 1951, the Sosnowski WS Grain Cleaner has been providing farmers and grain mills alike with a simple, time tested solution for grain cleaning. There’s no fuss about it; it's a compact, no frill machine that does what it is designed to do: remove the chaff and fine particles from grain and produce an end product that can be stored or transported with less chance of spoilage. With more than 60 years of satisfied customers we're confident you'll enjoy many years of service from your WS Grain Cleaner.

World Standard

For many farmers and grain mills the WS Grain Cleaner has become the standard for grain cleaning equipment. With thousands of these machines in use, they are found in the USA, Canada, Mexico and throughout Europe. With over 60 years of manufacturing experience you can be confident that your WS Grain Cleaner will work for you without fail for many years to come.

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Easy Maintenance

The WS Grain Cleaner is extremely easy to maintain. There are no moving parts. There's no complex, electrically driven device to maintain, keeping maintenance costs near zero. With proper care and simple routine maintenance, the WS Grain Cleaner will work for you year after year.

WS Grain Cleaner Models

WS 350 Grain Cleaner
WS 350 Grain Cleaner


330 b/h​​

9 T/h


35" X 35" X 61" 110 lbs



.55 kW

7.5 AMP

.75 hp


WS 750 Grain Cleaner
WS 750 Grain Cleaner


730 b/h

20 T/h


48" X 38" X 61" 198 lbs



.1 kW

9.4 AMP

1.5 hp


WS 1500 Grain Cleaner
WS 1500 Grain Cleaner


1400 b/h

40 T/h


56" X 40" X 68" 265 lbs



1.5 kW

14.5 AMP

2.0 hp


Watch our Grain Cleaning Equipment in Action