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Grain Cleaners Using Air

Gentle, Unique Air Flows Separates By Density

Small Investment, Short Pay Back Time

Optimized Speed and Efficiency

Award Winning Performance

Remove Disease From Grain
Agile, Long Lasting, Radical Redesign

Easy To Operate

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ISM Grain Separators


The ISM Grain Separators are popular all over the world and are being used by over 10,000 satisfied customers since 2008 on five different continents. These are multi-function winnowing machines that accomplish cleaning and grading grain simultaneously in one pass, performing functions equal to several other machines. So many outstanding features are not found on any other single machine.


WS Grain Cleaners


The WS Grain Cleaners are the economical, no frills, no bells and whistles machine for farmers and grain mills alike. This little workhorse packs a lot of punch. Grain cleaning capacity is optimized by the speed and efficiency of these machines. This award winning design carries 18 patents. Don't dismiss this machine because of its compact size. 

With these two excellent designs, maintenance needs are almost non-existent. Built of quality components, they are very durable and have next to no down time. Sizing a machine for your budget is easy with various model choices. They can be set up almost anywhere. Mount them on a trailer, or in a permanent location or leave them free.

Who We Are

We are farmers in Ohio, growing grain as a cash crop. We use these grain cleaners for our own use. We know how important it is for farmers to have good machines that will accomplish the task of cleaning grain to optimize our efforts in the field,  sell our grain for the best price and being able to do so on our own schedule. 

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