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Move your crop with these heavy duty augers. They will help you optimize your space yet will work without compromising your time. The augers come in sections; use one, two, or all three. If you are searching for "used or new grain augers for sale near me", you have found the right place!

An auger is a device for conveying grain or other bulk material. The auger is powered with rotating helical blades used to convey grain from one location to another. The attached blade spins in a circular motion which conveys the grain through the system.​

Augers are used to convey grain to the grain cleaner and from the grain cleaner to a truck, wagon, bulk sack, bag, or containment vessel of your choice. The head of the auger has a rectangular shape, usually with a square or round hole and a long shaft. The augers are made of durable metal for agricultural use.

You can use our augers to convey grain from your bin, wagon, or truck to a WS Grain Cleaner or to a AGS Grain Separator. After it is processed through the grain cleaner, another auger conveys the cleaned crop to your bin, truck, wagon, bulk sack or bag. Some prefer a third auger setup to take away the exhaust material and convey it to a bulk sack, wagon, TMR mixer, or truck. 

Grain Augers

The heavy duty 4" augers come in three sections. Use one section for a short auger or add sections for the length you need up to 20' long. Augers can be moved easily from place to place over most types of surfaces with the wheel stand. ​The adjustable height feature makes it convenient to convey grain to various heights. The augers come complete with a power drive kit (pulleys, belt, motor mount, drive cover) intake guard, grain outlet, tube splice kits, tube clamp kits, and wheel stands.

Auger 420                      $2800

​Farm duty motors are included with these parameters: 1 hp, 1725 rpm, 5/8" shaft, 56 mounting frame and auto reset for overheat protection.

Auger 620                     $3900

Farm duty motors are included with these parameters: 3 hp, 1725 rpm, 3/4" shaft, mounting frame and auto reset for overheat protection.

Straight Grain Augers
Small Grain Setup with a WS 350 Grain Cleaner
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