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We receive requests periodically asking if there are any used grain cleaning machines available. If you want to sell your grain cleaner, send us a picture and description and we will list it for free. Contact the sellers directly to arrange the purchase and shipping of these machines. Do your due diligence to conduct your own research. Friendly Meadows will not be held accountable for these transactions. We are just doing this as a service for those who clean grain.

Used Grain Cleaners


Magik Kleener model 750

This grain cleaner will clean 750 bushels of grain per hour if run at full capacity. The grain flows downward by gravity in a zig zag pattern. The clean grain will exit at the bottom on one side and the foreign material will exit on the other side. A round opening on the side is for mounting a fan to suck dust out of the grain as it flows downward. The rate of grain flow is adjustable. The easy access door allows an operator to change screens quickly and easily. Screens for corn and barley are included. Other screen sets are readily available from the Magik Kleener Company. This model is designed to be incorporated into a grain system such as a grain leg. We adapted it for on-farm use by building a stand and adding a hopper at the top. We are selling just the cleaner but these items can be included if desired. We never used it much so we don't have a lot of working knowledge about it.


For more information on how these operate visit the company website at


The location of this cleaner is Millersburg, OH. We are asking $850. It may be picked up at the farm or we can ship. The size of the cleaner is about the same as an average size man. Shipping will be additional. 330-473-7647

​​​​​​Sosnowski Seed Treater

Treat your own seed. This machine will coat every seed both evenly and consistently. Seed enters the machine through a hopper near the top. Falling seed rotates and floats down a center tube on the inside of the machine while air is being circulated up the center tube and down between the center and outside tubes venturi style. Seed treatment is pumped and atomized into the machine by a variable speed pump. You control how much seed treatment is being used.  The closed design circulates air saturated with seed treatment, therefore very little treatment is wasted or lost. Cleanup is easy if done immediately after each use. Simply pump about 2 gallons of water through the system while the machine is running. Capacities vary with type and size of seed. For wheat, efficiency is 200+/bu/hr. Machine is about the size of a tall man. Height is 77"; weight is 154 lbs. Footprint is 24" X 24". Patent pending. Made of high quality steel and galvanized. 


Seed Treater $2,500

Fire Pit

Relax after a hard day's work of cleaning or treating seed with your favorite meat cuts prepared over an open fire. This free standing fire pit is easy to assemble and can be used almost anywhere outside or inside in a open fireplace. It is easily taken apart and re-assembled at a favorite spot such as a beach, a campsite, a picnic, a backyard or even out in the field when it's too far or the schedule is to tight to come home for a meal.

Food is prepared on the top round turn plate by placing the food directly on the stainless steel plate or placing it in an aluminum foil pan. Foods like potatoes, apples and summer squash can be wrapped in foil and baked under the ash pan. The pleasing aesthetics of fire bring a sense of warmth and relaxation. Remove the top plate and roast your favorite backyard or campsite foods directly over the fire with roasting sticks or simply relax around the ambient warmth from an open fire.

The bottom of the fire pit contains material that will protect grass from being killed by the heat from the fire. The holes in the fire pan are strategically placed and sized to stimulate an open flame to burn almost smokeless and sparkless. The burning process is very stable. Using seasoned wood pieces from broad leaf trees  5" - 8" in length and 2" - 5" thick will provide the best experience. The wood pieces should be laid flat toward the center of the fire pan. Protected by US patent 7,900,623 B2. The fire pit is about waist high and 18" in diameter.


Shipping is free. $350

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