Model Sizes

Choosing A Size To Match Your Need

Sizing a machine for your budget is easy with various model choices. Results are the same with each model. When choosing a size, consider how much grain you have to clean, how much time you have to clean it, and the goals of cleaning. The machines can be run at full capacity to remove dockage. When cleaning for seed or food, use a rate less than 50% of capacity. 

If settings on the harvester leave a lot of large trash in the crop material like thistle seed heads, long straw stems, large insects, etc the crop needs to be run through the grain cleaner at a slower rate. The momentum of a strong grain flow will tend to drag foreign material along down with it. Slowing down the grain flow will give the machine the best chance at separating out these bulkier items. The speed of cleaning will also depend on other factors such as the amount of foreign material in the grain, moisture content, & quality requirements.


Choosing A WS

​Model numbers for the WS are the full capacity in bushels per hour. Commercial size models are 18,500; 9,300;  4,400; and 2,600 bushel/hour units. The models below are all 110 volts single phase.

WS 1500  /  WS 730  /  ​WS 330  /  WS 110 "Mini"


Choosing An ISM

Model numbers for the ISM machines are the full capacity in tons per hour. The CSC models have the cyclone. The models below are 220 volts single phase except models 100, 150, and 200 are 480 volts 3 phase.

ISM 5                 5 T / 167 bu.

ISM 10              10 T / 333 bu.

ISM 20             20 T / 667 bu.

ISM 50             50 T / 1667 bu.

ISM 100         100 T / 3333 bu.

ISM 150          150 T / 5000 bu.

ISM 200         200 T / 6667 bu.

ISM 5 CSC          5 T / 167 bu.

ISM 10 CSC       10 T / 333 bu.

ISM 20 CSC      20 T / 667 bu.

ISM 50 CSC      50 T / 1667 bu.

ISM 100 CSC   100 T / 3333 bu.

ISM 150 CSC    150 T / 5000 bu.

ISM 200 CSC  200 T / 6667 bu.

​​If you want a grain cleaner, don’t wait to make a purchase until you need it. It is highly likely others will need a machine at the same time and inventory may become a problem. Purchase yours beforehand so you can test it and get it set up to move grain to and from the machine before you actually need it.

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