WS  Scalper 

Using just an aerodynamic grain cleaner such as the WS Sosnowski for removing disease or dockage from grain may be sufficient. The minimum standards for cleaning grain for food or for planting through an air seeder may be much higher. 


A grain cleaner using screens separates by size and will usually have two screens. The top one will scalp off the large trash and the bottom one will sift out the fines. A major problem with these type of grain cleaners is that the process is not only slow and tedious but the bottom screens need to be cleaned frequently or the cleaning action will soon be lost.

Because the Sosnowski grain cleaners use only air to clean grain, the foreign material that is more dense (weight & surface area) than the good seed will not be separated from the grain. A WS Scalper is needed to finish the job of removing the largest and heaviest trash. 


The most efficient setup of the Sosnowski grain cleaner and scalper is to run grain through the cleaner first and then through the scalper. With a Sosnowski grain cleaner mounted directly on top of the scalper, grain drops out the bottom of the cleaner and onto the screen where the remainder of the largest foreign particles will be scalped from the grain. This will optimize and streamline the action of the equipment. This setup is much more efficient than using just a screen machine.

The angle of the scalper box is adjustable to help regulate the flow of grain across the screen. The height of the discharge is sufficient enough (varies with the angle of the shaker box, about 16” to 24”) so an auger may be used to collect the clean grain.

Since the density of split seeds of soybeans, lentils and peas are almost identical to the whole seeds, the Sosnowski grain cleaner will only remove some of them (about half in our experience). A second screen can be added to the shaker box on the scalper to sift out these splits.

The scalper is powered by a farm duty 110/220 volt, 1/2 hp motor and comes with one screen suitable to scalp wheat and rye. Additional screens are readily available and can be matched with your crop. See the setup page on this website for more details on the shaker box. 

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WS Scalper

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