Regenerating Farms & Gardens

A Treasure Chest Of Knowledge And Wisdom In Agriculture

Conventional agriculture has taken a once fertile soil to a soil almost devoid of any topsoil or fertility. Rains erode it away to the oceans at an alarming rate. Why are floods a commonplace occurance today? The once fertile prairies were covered with 6' of topsoil. How was this formed and how long did it take? Where has all the fertility gone? How do we regenerate the soil back to its former state? The secret is how the plants and animals above the soil relate to the life in the soil. Learn the lesson of the buffalo. Use what they taught us on your farm or in your garden to regenerate your soil.

Trees are the forgotten commodity of both farmers and homeowners. Discover how one man paid for his farm several times over by managing his small woodlot well.

This book is a treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom in agronomy whether you grow a few flowers in a planter box or farm a thousand acres. Secrets of down to earth, natural, and sustainable practices will help you be a success with our most valuable resource-- the soil. Packed with hands-on activities for the young at heart and written in easy to follow language, the text will clarify previous hard to understand concepts and will help you become a better caretaker of the soil whether you are just beginning or are an old hand at it. This guide will be an essential and valuable reference for you in years to come.

"It is so important that our sons and daughters learn these things. This stuff is so important to know whether they end up farming or living on a small lot with a garden. This book should be used in our schools. It is such an important part of our life." -Abe S. Punxatawney, PA

The Basics Of Regenerative Agriculture

• Building soil organic matter

• Avoiding soil organic matter loss

• Building healthy soil microbe populations

• Using beyond sustainable farming and gardening methods

• Transitioning on a shoestring budget

• Full Color Laminated Cover

• Durable Binding
• 8 1/2” X 11”
• Over 330 Full Color Pictures

• 320 pages

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