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Grain Cleaning Equipment For Sale

As much as food is central to our existence, as in this country and many others, it is also where humans come into contact with all sorts of dangerous pests and diseases. The problem is that often these factors are spread through the seed supply chain by insects and fungi that can be found in cereal grains. These plants may then be inadvertently spread throughout the plantings--and ultimately onto the crop you're eating--during harvest.

To solve the problem, engineers have developed a unique way to clean and separate grain before they're processed into food. The result of their efforts are these seed separator and grain cleaning devices that can clean your grain from parasites, fungus, or insects hidden in the grain to a quality that is ready for sale or for food processing. ​

Here is our collection of AGS grain separating machines that clean and grade different types of crops or bulk material. These grain separating machines can be used to clean corn, soybeans, or other types of grains. The grading process removes undersized and oversize kernels from the batch. Rubber coated cleaning chambers keep kernel damage to a minimum during the cleaning process. A constant air flow ensures that the cleaning chambers maintain a consistent cleaning action. Evenly cleaned and graded product is produced in less time than by traditional methods.

Grain separators are what you need to have if you are a farmer or just handling grain. These machines bring great value to any one growing or handling grain. Grain separators can help farmers save money on wasted crop, which is money that they could spend elsewhere. There is no reason not to invest in a grain separator if you're in the agriculture business and want to increase profits and reduce waste.

These machines are made to separate different grains from a multi species crop. Grain separators are used commonly in wheat, rice, oats, and other cereal crops. These grain separators can be used for handling corn and soybeans as well. These machines are an asset to farmers that are tired of wasting their crops for nothing or wasting time by doing it with a homemade setup.

AGS Grain Separator with Cyclone
AGS 20 Grain Separator w Cyclone

Before adding a cyclone to your grain separator machine, it's good to know a little bit about what they are exactly. The cyclones help to clean out dust and light particles that are present in the air during the grain cleaning process.

The cyclones on the AGS Grain Separators remove dust and light impurities from the air which passes through the crop material. When the air leaves the grain separating chamber and enters the cyclone, a sudden drop in static pressure and strategically placed baffles causes the impurities to drop out of the airstream. The scrubbed air is then returned to the separating chamber. This process is repeated in a continuous cycle for as long as the machine is running. 

Cyclones are an effective tool for farmers to work with. They add to the purchase cost but they come with many benefits. They are less likely to break down than other methods of machine cleaning. Most importantly, though, cyclones will make the grain cleaning process more efficient and create a more dust-free air environment.

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