Used Grain Cleaners

We receive requests periodically asking if there are any economical grain cleaning machines available. Contact the sellers directly to arrange the purchase and shipping of these machines.

Prices will drop the first of each month until they are sold or removed.

Nord 2020 WS 730 Grain Cleaner Sideview
  • The 730 is in perfect shape and I added an enclosed switch with power chord; asking $4350

  • The Scalper Table is Good, with switch and power cord. $1260.

Doug Nord

855 K19 Hwy S

Larned, KS 67550

Off: 620-285-3380

Mbl: 620-285-5466


Nord 2020 Scalper Table Grain Cleaner 29
Nord 2020 WS 730 Grain Cleaner 29JAN2021
2020 WS 730 Grain Cleaner Switch 29JAN20